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I have been doing SEO since 1998 and spoken at SEO Rockstars and the first ever White Hat v Black Hat SEO Conference.
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All work is carried out ethically and on a transparent basis.
SEO Wigan Audit

SEO Audit

Full technical and on-page SEO audit including hosting, server set up, website coding, analytics, Google set-up, keywords, on page SEO, content and strategy.

Search Visibility

Search Visibility

Are you being found in search engine results (SERPS) by users as well as reporting software? Ranking high for ineffective search terms is pointless.

Flag Quick Wins

Flag Quick Wins

There are usually some quick wins available whilst a longer term strategy is worked on. Optimising for instant results without harming the long term plan is a key factor.

Local SEO

Local SEO

Ranking for generic keywords nationally may not bring you the rewards you were expecting locally. SEO in Wigan should produce results for your audience.

On-page SEO adjustments

On-page SEO Adjustments

Tweaking on-page can make a very big difference, site structure and internal linking are a key part in any SEO strategy and should not be done haphazardly.

SEO Consulting & Advice

SEO Consulting & Advice

Fully supported during the SEO process. Reporting and updates available upon request covering all aspects of SEO.

The technical aspect of SEO is often overlooked and or misunderstood. A lot of focus is on page speed and checking structured data. If you search for SEO Wigan and your dedicated page is not showing up there could be a technical reason for it. When doing any SEO audit the first place to start is with the technical side and checking indexing and crawling, canonical, server setup, SSL etc. as most of the back ground work can be done to improve results across the board without getting into design and user facing changes.

When 'On Page SEO' is mentioned we hear about meta title, headings, anchor text across sites, duplicate content, div tags etc. but do you really know what affects your ranking? If you did make some on page changes and added text for search engines how do you know if it will actually improve your sales? Web design can be a big factor particularly with common platforms such as Wordpress and bespoke sites! Just because your site was built tailored to your needs by an SEO expert it doesn't mean you can discount any on page work. Personally I think keywords are overlooked far too often as research tools are used and search frequency and popular terms are plucked from results. I use a different method of keyword research and discover many search terms your competitors are not targeted. The best of it is you will get instant traffic for the new keywords whilst we test the results, no waiting for weeks wondering if the work on your website will bring good results.

You need more links, you need more citations is probably the most common response from many SEO's but do you? Have you ever had a link audit to check the status of your off page? If you are in the ball park of your competitors with regards to link quality and link quantity it is likely you have enough links. Many local SEOs will encourage you to build links and to keep going even if you have more than enough, should you be in this position the new links may not be helping you. You may need some internal work doing to maximise your off page efforts. Affordable local SEO packages often are focused around citations but the direction of your marketing as a whole should be considered.

Get a load of content written, blast it around submission sites and web 2.0 sites! Well not exactly, content marketing is about producing content which your users may want to read and giving your users something of interest. Not everyone reads and not everyone is looking for the same thing from your website, many visitors will be looking for something specific and if they are only there for the free giveaway they will be looking for the download button to get the freebie. Yes you may increase your traffic and more downloads but if you can't turn the people into customers perhaps there is something not quite lined up with your content. Offering something for free as a content marketing technique can also be a tactic which could damage your work. The skill in SEO is to get quality traffic, not simply to increase traffic. Quality should be defined as traffic of interest which will have a very high chance of either turning the user into a customer or having the user recommend you to one of their friends or associates. Quality over quantity is how I approach SEO but more importantly I am not a closed book and am always looking for new and innovative ways to improve results..

SEO Pricing

Most popular plans and prices for our media and online marketing services.
All SEO solutions include Google set-up, analytics, monthly reporting and Open Graph tagging.

SEO Consulting

  • On Site SEO Wigan
  • One-to-one or Group
  • Help & Advice or Blueprint
  • Minimum 3 Hours
  • Follow Up Support

Local SEO

Most Popular
  • Local Citations
  • On Page SEO
  • City Optimised Pages
  • 3 Month Minimum
  • Phone & Email Support


  • Citations Monthly
  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • 6 Month Minimum
  • Phone & Email Support

Ecommerce SEO

  • Product & Category Optimisation
  • Technical SEO
  • Structured Data Optimisation
  • 6 Month Minimum
  • Phone & Email Support

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