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DISCOVER THE "ALL-STAR" SPEAKER LINE UP! I pride myself on seeking out the "underground ninjas" that are out there doing some really amazing things but don't leave their bat caves much. I love luring them out and having them share all of their goodies. On top of the underground SEO's we have speaking, I am REALLY EXCITED by some of the incredibly BIG NAMES we have wrangled to speak at our event this year! **More Info Coming On Each Speaker & Their Topic** This is a 3-Day EARLY, EARLY BIRD Special while I get all the speaker info and agenda together. After that, it will obviously be more expensive, so get your tickets NOW! Dori Friend Founder, SEORockstars

THE ENTIRE EVENT IS 100% NO PITCH! It is 100% jam packed with SEO Knowledge Bombs. You will hear things you have never heard about before. We will be busting SEO myths and delivering SEO Test results and Case Studies that will only be shared at the event.

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LISTEN TO MASSIVELY TESTED, PROVEN SEO RESULTS FOUND NOWHERE ELSE! These are GAME CHANGERS and will ROCK YOUR WORLD! Dear SEO Extraordinaire, Let's be real...theory is bullshit. I admit I love hearing the "science" of SEO... listening to Google conspiracy theories... and the latest search engine gossip sucks me in more than an episode of Orange is the New Black... But I don't base my rankings around the theory & gossip and I certainly don't base my business around it... because in the end, it's all worthless. I only base my SEO strategy on what is tested and proven! Since 2011 when Panda started smashing up and eating web businesses, it's been a SEO blood bath, but unlike thousands of people who left SEO, or the dozen of guru's that have popped up since then, my buddies and I have made it through and are STILL HERE. And.. THIS IS THE 11th SEOROCKSTARS!! And the only thing I can tell you is that you have GOT to test because I can honestly say that my buddies and I are on the "bleeding" edge of it AND have documented data that goes against everything that Google tells us! Crazy stuff! (and I know, right? Google not telling us the truth?) CRAZY, CRAZY STUFF!

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Casino Consultancy

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