Dispelling Myth of 300 Word Blog Post

How many times have you heard about content being king and percentage of keyword density and just wondered if there was any truth in the comments?
Why don't you test them and see for yourself?

What happens if you have comments turned on and loads of people comment? Does this change the length of the post?

If you write a post with 300 words in it but 2,000 people comment with fantastic points and a great debate follows how would you class this? If you count the words on the page the number will be far greater than 300!

What if we did a post which was only a 100 words long and again we got thousands of great comments and sparked some social media chatter and a debate which ran for days?

User engagement is a stronger signal than actual numbers of words!

What if we add random internal links like SEO Warrington to other pages and point them to the target page? Would this improve the ranking even if it only had 100 words?