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Is it Panda or is Penguin or is a new feature in Webmaster Tools?

Well its actually a new feature in Webmaster Tools although I have been doing a lot of research on the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates in Google.
If anyone has free tickets to the Zoo then I am not going!

So whats new in Webmaster Tools?
Associates has just launched today, this will allow others to link to your webmaster tools and connect youtube and twitter. You can see by doing this if Google is giving you benefit and you are connected up properly.
Its a great little feature.

If you are not an avid webmaster tools user then I reccommend you get into it. Google has been using the webmaster area very seriuously now for a long time.

Anyone interested in SEO should start with webmaster tools.

For those of you who are interested in learning more, here is the link to the webmaster associates post.

Affiliate boom

This year I have noticed an even bigger increase in affiliate sites. Optimising for keyword based domains seems to be the way people are going. As an example, if you are looking promote an iPad deal for iPad and iPad2 then it would be pretty simple.

The steps are as follows;

  1. sort out some relibale but very cheap Web hosting with one click installs (no tech knowledge needed)
  2. purchase a key phrase based domain e.g. if you want to promote ipad deals, you may try (obviously this one is taken)
  3. sign up to an Affiliate program
  4. sign up to a feed system that will help you create a site very quickly and with no tech knowledge reqd. e.g. Datafeedr Homepage
  5. set up your store in datafeed factory and organise your products from the selection
  6. using the one click install, install wordpress on your hosting
  7. install the datafeed plugin into your blog
  8. then promote, you can do this with directory submissions and article marketing.

it really is that simple, and as a result it is really quite easy to set up online and generate income selling electronics and well just about anything.

Who is Derek Booth?

Derek Booth SEO and PPC Expert

I am an experienced (not old) internet marketer. In my late 40′s and still loving football and internet work. I started on the internet in the mid 90′s and by the late 90′s was hooked. Challenges in life and work are something I thrive on, although writing this is a challenge you can tell that my literary skills are not something that will go down in history.

SEO has always intrigued me and with my business and marketing experience I find it easy to produce strategies and provide a vision for where you can take things. The best buzz in life is scoring a goal at football but is closely followed by something I cant mention and that is closely followed by seeing your projects come to life. I have helped businesses grow and been a big part in the success of many organisations.

As for my SEO skills, just try ‘seo chester’ in Google, currently Sigma Web Ltd is top (has been for several years). There are dozens of examples that I could show in a similar vein.

In my next short blurb I will tell you about my SEO in more detail before I bore you on Google AdWords.

SEO Chester

After spending many years optimising nationally, I have now introduced a local seo service. Initially the focus will be for SEO Chester and then I will look to open this up for other regions / areas.

It is a lot cheaper than the cost of a national project, given the state of the economy and marketing budgets, I thought it was time to focus on some local businesses and provide a service that will help them.

SEO Chester‘ will be the first example of what is possible for local businesses. If you operate a business that is only looking to service a small radius geographically then this local seo service is for you. By reducing the number of competiting pages and by optimising your domain in Google, we can pick up some very good traffic very quickly.

Why not give our local seo a try?