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Who is Derek Booth?

Derek Booth SEO and PPC Expert

I am an experienced (not old) internet marketer. In my late 40′s and still loving football and internet work. I started on the internet in the mid 90′s and by the late 90′s was hooked. Challenges in life and work are something I thrive on, although writing this is a challenge you can tell that my literary skills are not something that will go down in history.

SEO has always intrigued me and with my business and marketing experience I find it easy to produce strategies and provide a vision for where you can take things. The best buzz in life is scoring a goal at football but is closely followed by something I cant mention and that is closely followed by seeing your projects come to life. I have helped businesses grow and been a big part in the success of many organisations.

As for my SEO skills, just try ‘seo chester’ in Google, currently Sigma Web Ltd is top (has been for several years). There are dozens of examples that I could show in a similar vein.

In my next short blurb I will tell you about my SEO in more detail before I bore you on Google AdWords.