What is the best Keyword Density to go for?

Almost every single SEO person has an opinion on Keyword Density and most will tell you they know the % and will want to do their own SEO writing. 'I will optimise your content' they say, absolutely critical they say.

There are of course a number of flaws with these types of statements, try this for your self and don't simply take my word for it as a marketing professional.

Go to Google.co.uk and search for a term, any term and any number of words e.g. 'socks' or 'best dvd of 2018' or 'emergency plumber' and look at the top organic result for each search.

For my 'emergency plumber' search I had a site with 449 words of which 5 were 'plumber' and 'emergency plumber' did not exist, there was one instance of 'emergency plumbers'.

For the term 'socks' the top result in Google had 22 words and 11 times the word 'socks' was used.

For the search term 'best dvd of 2018' the top result had 1127 words and the word 'dvd' was used 5 times with 'best dvd of 2018' not appearing at all, even 'best dvd' did not appear.

Keyword Density Heading Tags and Markup

The next question could be related to the word count and what was included. Did I count the actual readable text or also include the menu items and footer? What about the html markup?

Here are a few places the words could be found on a page;

  1. the written bdy content
  2. the menu
  3. the footer
  4. image captions
  5. image title
  6. image urls
  7. web page url

If someone says the best keyword density is x% what are they counting? any of the above?

View Source Maybe is the Answer

There is of course a simple answer, view source!

Surely the count can be taken from the page source... if this were true how do you know which elements are ranking factors?

What about secondary ranking factors?

If a 'view source' is done on the pages we used above how much different do you think the results will be?

Just looking at the 'socks' example we now have 15,886 words and 263 of them are 'socks'.

If we revisit the number of places the word could be found we can add in;

  1. css styles
  2. linked files
  3. span tags
  4. alt text
  5. javascript coding
  6. html comments

As you can see I am somewhat sceptical of the whole keyword density debate.

Is Keyword Density a Ranking Factor?

Looking at the results above you would probably say no it isnt a factor as the results are different each time.

But given I am part of a few mastermind groups and I run my own tests along with being part of a couple of testing groups I can tell you with a large degree of certainty that Keyword Density is a ranking factor and it does matter.

I also use Cora which is simply the best SEO Software around and no matter what the Google algorithm throws up this software will help you detrmine the exact density for your search term and exactly where to put the keywords.

What is the Correct Keyword Density Percentage?

This is the point were most people get stuck and go off the track. There is no magic figure like Douglas Adams 'The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42' as the actual percentage changes depending upon the search term and topic.

In short, there is no answer as such but it does matter a great deal. If you hear anyone tell you they know what it is they are either lying or have know how to work it out using Cora software.

Personally I trust very little of what people tell me and I check it for myself, ironic given I am asking you to read this post and trust my views!